Subject Construction Projects

•  Any project causing a disturbance between ½ acre but less than 1 acre by grading, clearing, and or excavating.

Minimum Requirements

•  No illicit discharges will be released from the project site to the municipal storm drain system (gutters, streets, culverts, catch basins, storm drains, washes, flood control channels and other conveyances, natural or man-made, that convey runoff to receiving waters).

•  No illicit connections (connections that convey illicit discharges to storm drain system) shall be made.

•  Implement sediment control-type BMPs to reduce the discharge of sediment to the municipal storm drain system. At least 1 type of sediment control BMP should be used. These include silt fencing and sand bags. (Note: City may allow substitution of these BMPs with catch basin inlet protection BMPs (e.g., check dam at the affected catch basin(s), provided that: (1) the project does not occur during the wet season (from October to May); and (2) no excessive sediment is discharged to the street at any time.

•  Store all materials (e.g., asphaltic material, concrete, paints, solvents, etc.), containing chemicals and other pollutants under cover and off the ground (e.g., on pallets), to prevent storm water and non-storm water contact with such materials).

•  Deploy trash receptacles (e.g., bins, roll-offs, or receptacles) for proper containment of trash.

•  Install, if necessary, structural controls to contain concrete wash, assure proper disposal of portable toilet waste, trash (including on-site roll-offs, bins, or receptacles).